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The a2 HOTELS in Plochingen, Denkendorf and Wernau welcome visitors to the south-east of the Stuttgart metropolitan area. Our convenient location near to the A8 motorway and the B10 main road means that you can get here easily. The modern concept of our hotels ensures you will enjoy a comfortable stay and get plenty of rest. Special benefits such as free parking, 24 hour check-in, Wi-Fi and Breakfast-2-go offer our guests a high degree of personal flexibility. At the same time, the region offers top-class options for leisure, business, shopping and holidaying in nature.

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You can find our hotels in Denkendorf, Plochingen and soon also in Wernau. All 3 are located in the Esslingen district, around 25 km south-east of Baden-Württemberg’s capital, Stuttgart. Not far from the airport and the Stuttgart Trade Fair, our hotels have a number of trend-setting features such as the 24 hour check-in facility by using our automated machine, windows that can be darkened and our feeding station. Day or night, guests can go and get some fruit, tea or coffee. Drinks, soups & snacks are available around the clock from the a2 vending machine.


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No trade fair or seasonal prices

To make it easier for our guests to plan, we keep the prices in our hotels the same throughout the year, thereby safeguarding our visitors from the usual price fluctuations, whatever the season. This offer also applies during peak times such as the Stuttgart Trade Fair or national holidays. This means that you always get your room at a reasonable rate and you can rely on us when planning your journey.

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We attach great importance to those little extras that make your stay in the a2 HOTELS especially relaxing. That’s why each booking includes our popular Breakfast-2-go, while the Energy Tank and snack vending machines provide treats and refreshments for our guests. To keep hunger pangs at bay, you can conveniently and easily prepare a soup from our “Daily Soup” bar.

a2 Online Concierge

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The a2 Online Concierge

After you log in to our Wi-Fi, our app gives you lots of useful information about a2 HOTELS and what’s on offer in the surrounding area. The a2 Online Concierge provides exactly the help you need to make your stay in the Stuttgart metropolitan region even more pleasant. In addition to a list of good restaurants and bars in the local area, the app offers ideas for culture, sports and leisure activities. It also provides more information about a2 Hotels and our services.

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Check in when you want

Our a2 HOTELS 24 hour check-in

a2 HOTELS are as innovative and flexible as our guests themselves. The Self Check-In at our check-in automated machine, Ariane, is a service that is especially useful for business travellers and those who are passing through. It means that you can arrive at our hotels at any time, day or night. Depending on capacity, our guests can check in to their rooms even after reception has closed, and it takes just 3 minutes to check in.

Latest info & news

New opening in Wernau

With a third location in neighbouring Wernau (Neckar), a2 HOTELS are currently extending our offer with another comfortable hotel. The hotel is being built in the town centre near to the town hall and is just 500 m away from Wernau railway station and the banks of the Neckar. The modern standard of a2 HOTELS will soon also be waiting for you in this top location.

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